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#Our Mission

Our objective is to improve the resilience of your business and we achieve it by:

Improving customer experience

Streamlining business operations

Reducing operating costs

Creating opportunities for further growth

#How we work

Embracing change. Cost efficient. Transparent.

We work with our clients from day one to set business objectives and respective success criteria. The project is split into many small deliverables that achieve the objectives above.

This allows us to run efficient low-risk development by receiving feedback from customers early and make timely corrections from what has been learned.

#What our clients say

“We have had a fabulous exper­i­ence work­ing with Ilyana on the devel­op­ment of our apps. Their team are highly skilled, intel­li­gent and capable of solv­ing any prob­lem thrown at them. They are accur­ate and test thor­oughly, produ­cing apps free from bugs and design with the end user in mind. Very easy to work with. Five stars!”

- Duncan Milne, Junior Learn­ing

"Ilyana have proven time and again to be an effect­ive team. They are talen­ted design­ers, astute listen­ers and always open to new and better ways of enhan­cing func­tion­al­ity and user exper­i­ence."

- Sarah Martin, Stonefields Collaborative Trust

"Over the past two years work­ing with Ilyana we have found them to be both highly capable and respons­ive to our needs. I enjoy the way they can take the initi­at­ive and work from minimal input to deliver simple, intu­it­ive applic­a­tions."

- Andrew Weston, Propellerhead

#Featured projects

Schooltalk for Stonefields Collaborative Trust

We believe the world can become a better place through improv­ing educa­tion in schools.

SchoolTalk – an innov­at­ive SaaS product that does exactly that – unites learners, teacher, and parents in one ecosys­tem of learn­ing allow­ing synergy to occur and letting kids enjoy and own their learn­ing.

Badges for Propellerhead

Motivation fuels progress.

Propeller­head is a boutique soft­ware devel­op­ment house that employs ultra-modern approaches to team manage­ment and motiv­a­tion. We worked with Propeller­head to create Badges – a web-based applic­a­tion that brings profes­sional devel­op­ment and motiv­a­tion of employ­ees and teams to a whole new level.

Touchtronic for Junior Learning

Our future depends on education.

Touchtronic is a suite of educa­tional games inter­act­ing with phys­ical numbers and oper­at­ors, letters, and magnetic spin­ner to teach early-primary chil­dren liter­acy and numer­acy. The Touchtronic plat­form and games got high appre­ci­ation from educa­tion experts around the world (from USA to China) and received multiple awards in 2014 and 2015.

#Meet the team

We find joy in crafting tech

ILYANA is a New Zealand based family owned and operated business. We have more than 40 years of combined experience in soft­ware design and devel­op­ment and are learning new tech every day. It means you would be right to expect exceptional insight, inspired innov­a­tion, and astute execu­tion on every project you work with us.

Ilya Fedorov - Delivery Manager

Ilya Fedorov - Delivery Manager

Yana Shumilova - Principal Engineer

Yana Shumilova - Principal Engineer

Natalya Shumilova - UX and Branding

Natalya Shumilova - UX and Branding

#Thoughts of the day

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