What we can do for you


Software development is the tool we use, but our job is making sure our clients achieve their goals – through fast, stable & maintainable software solutions that provide the best possible user experience.

It is rewarding to work with clients and see how an idea takes tangible forms and finally goes live.

We specialise in:

  • Mobile app development: iOS, Android & Windows Mobile
  • Cloud services: We love Microsoft Azure & actively use it for mobile & web solutions
  • Websites: All our websites are custom-built, for content-based websites we love to use the flexible & powerful WordPress CMS platform and Bootstrap


Get your start-up going

At Ilyana, we help ideas grow. That is why we love to work with start-ups, where we can often make a contribution that determines how successful our client’s project will be.

You focus on the idea & leave the technology to us.

Because we’re small, decisions get made quickly & we move fast. You can get a rapid prototype to test your ideas quickly & get to a solution faster than you might think.

We realise that many start-ups are short in funding. Don’t let it stop you! Come & talk to us & we’ll find the way that works both for you & us.

Relieve pain points

We also help established businesses solve their unique problems through smart software development. Many of the processes that hold you back can be streamlined with smart technology. Let us identify the pain points & suggest effective ways to fix the problem.

Wherever the solution lies, we’ll make it work. It’s our ambition to make other people’s lives easier. We can help you refine your processes & become more effective in what you do.