3 Letter Words


3 Letter Words for Junior Learning with Touchtronic Letters was designed for school use, therefore minimal use of graphics, no animation too. Instead greater attention to correct spelling & proper shape of letters so teachers can use the application in their classrooms. It meets the core literacy and numeracy curriculum & will accelerate children in reaching their targets. The game comes with American or British accents for instructions, letter sounds & words.

No matter in school or not, this game is great for young kids just starting to read as they can stamp the letters on the screen to build the words and get visual and audio feedback. The game contains over 600 of 2 and 3 letter words.

3 Letter Words is one in the stream of educational games building on innovative Junior Learning Touchtronic Letters  and Numbers platform. The platform makes possible interaction of an application with physical letters and numbers. Series of games on Touchtronic platform got high appreciation from teachers around the world (from USA to China). We were exited to take this idea on board and develop it into real products.




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