EdTech: Junior Learning’s Touchtronic Letters Are The App Controlled Alphabet


Another great review for Touchtronic Letters and the apps developed for Junior Learning!

TechFaster says: “Research has shown that children learn faster when visual, auditory and tactile methods are combined, that according to Milne who holds a PhD from Harvard University. That’s the premise behind Touchtronic Letters. Children use the physical letters to match up with the actual letters as they come across the iPad screen in games. Children can also use the physical letters combined with the app to create new words and identify the sounds that help create words. When they finish all of the letters the can use the Touchtronic Letters to unlock the mystery door.”

Read full review here.

Junior Learning Touchtronic Letters  and Numbers platform makes possible interaction of an application with physical letters and numbers. Series of games on Touchtronic platform got high appreciation from teachers around the world (from USA to China). We were exited to take this idea on board and develop it into real products.