Small, smart & dedicated


Ilyana is a boutique software studio that specializes in innovative software development. Because we’re small & nimble, we can knock out a pilot program in next to no time.

Our head office is in Auckland, New Zealand, but since our founding in 2012, we have developed software for clients far afield.

Our key team members have Masters degrees in technology. Of course that doesn’t make us rocket scientists – not quite! – but it does mean you’d be right to expect:

Exceptional insight,
Inspired innovation &
Astute execution.

At Ilyana, we are excited by what we do & the people we get to work with. We are absolutely committed to deliver the best possible solution in every single case. We embrace the fast-changing world we work in & love to learn new technologies & ways of doing things.

Each of us has more than a decade of experience in software design & development. Still we keep investing time in learning new technologies to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs.



Ilya Fedorov

Development manager
& co-founder

Ilya is all about finding out what you need & making sure you get it. Drawing on his considerable experience in IT development, plus common sense & intuition, he guides the Ilyana team to a solutions that meet or exceed client expectations – on time & in budget.

“It is rewarding to work with clients & see how an idea takes tangible form & finally goes live,” he says.

Ilya holds a Masters degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics, a Postgraduate Diploma in IT Management and Business and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Computer Science.

He has over 10 years experience in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), working with start-ups as well as significant corporations. He encourages the team to be the best they can and is ready to lend an advice on design and development matters.

Ilya started on Delphi as a tertiary student and switched to .Net as soon as it was released. It remained his main platform for years for Win and Web development. He also has wide experience working with and turning performance for databases such as Oracle and SQL Server. Working on web projects, he gained solid experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery. To this day, he never stops learning new technologies.

Yana Shumilova

Lead developer
& co-founder

Yana is a technology ninja – when it comes to exploring new technologies, she cracks them faster than a Bruce Lee punch. Having background in calculus mathematics, she can handle any computational algorithms your project may require. She will also make sure the program runs as efficiently as possible. She believes in flexible design & attention to detail. No project is going out the door unless she is happy with every tiny detail.

Yana holds a Masters degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, specializing in digital image processing.

Since 2002, she has been applying her skills in the IT field, mainly as systems analyst and programmer.

Learning new software is something Yana takes in her stride! Her tremendous appetite for technology has seen her start on .Net even before it was officially released and she learned Objectve-C just for sheer fun of it.

The big thing for Yana, however, is not the technology itself, but putting it to use in a way that makes it easy for users and rewarding for businesses.

Alexei Tarasov

Design & Branding

Alexei is our Internet guru and user experience psychologist. His focus is on the user interface, design and branding. He translates the message you would like to communicate into a seamless, attractive package that guides the user’s attention in an appealing and natural way. Alexei creates elegant designs that bring across the message. And he makes sure the users love it! He also makes sure user interfaces provide the best user experience and that navigation is achieved with minimum number of clicks.

Alexei gained a Masters degree in from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, specialising in aeromechanics and flight engineering. Despite winning a prestigious student science award, he realised that his true passion lay elsewhere, and in 1999 Alexei plunged headlong into the then quite new world of web development.

“I believe software development is all about interaction,” he says. “You may create a brilliant piece of software, but if the user has no idea how to interact with it, you’re lost. You should get into your customer’s head to feel like him, to think like him, to understand his needs and to choose the simplest and most efficient way to get the result. I find it to be real fun.”

He found kindred spirits in Ilya and Yana, and finds it exciting to work as part of the unified Ilyana team.